Statistics 371

Introductory Applied Statistics for the Life Sciences

Tentative Course Schedule

DayDateLecture TopicsChaptersHomeworkNotes
MSept. 2Labor Day   
WSept. 4IntroductionChapter 1  
FSept. 6Exploratory Data AnalysisChapter 2 Chapter 2 summary
MSept. 9Exploratory Data AnalysisChapter 2HW #1
PDF Text
WSept. 11Exploratory Data AnalysisChapter 2  
FSept. 13Exploratory Data AnalysisChapter 2HW #2
HW #2 solution
MSept. 16ProbabilityChapter 3 Overheads from lecture:
Heights of students
Miles from home
WSept. 18Probability
(Beware the fire alarm!)
Chapter 3  
FSept. 20Review and Exam Period 1covers Chapter 2
(through section 2.5)
HW #3
Exam 1-A Solution
HW #3 solution
MSept. 23Binomial DistributionChapter 3 Chapters 3-5 summary
WSept. 25Normal DistributionChapter 4 
FSept. 27Normal Distribution
(Decision on Project Due)
Chapter 4HW #4
HW #4 solution
MSept. 30Sampling DistributionsChapter 5 
WOct. 2Sampling DistributionsChapter 5 
FOct. 4Review and Exam Period 2(covers Chapter 3)HW #5
PDF prob.R
Exam 1-B Solution
HW #5 solution
MOct. 7One Sample EstimationChapter 6 
WOct. 9One Sample EstimationChapter 6 
FOct. 11One Sample EstimationChapter 6HW #6
HW #6 solution
MOct. 14Two Sample ComparisonsChapter 7 
WOct. 16Two Sample Comparisons
(Class meets in 22 Ingraham)
Chapter 7 
FOct. 18Review and Exam Period 3 Level 1 exam covers binomial, normal, and sampling distributions
Level 2 exam covers sampling distributions and confidence intervals for a population mean
HW #7
Level 1 practice problems
Exam 1-C Solution
Exam 2-C Solution
HW #7 solution
MOct. 21Two Sample ComparisonsChapter 7 
WOct. 23Two Sample ComparisonsChapter 7 
FOct. 25Two Sample ComparisonsChapter 7HW #8
HW #8 solution
MOct. 28Statistical Principles of DesignChapter 8 
WOct. 30Statistical Principles of DesignChapter 8 
FNov. 1Comparison of Paired SamplesChapter 9 
MNov. 4Review and Exam Period 4(covers Chapter 6--7)HW #9
HW #9 solution
Exam 1-D Solution
Exam 2-D Solution
WNov. 6Analysis of Categorical DataChapter 10 
FNov. 8Analysis of Categorical DataChapter 10HW #10
HW #10 solution
MNov. 11Analysis of Categorical DataChapter 10 
(Class meets in 22 Ingraham)
Chapter 11 
FNov. 15Review and Exam Period 5 Level 1 Exam covers paired t-tests
Level 2 Exam covers paired or independent sample inference
Level 3 Exam covers statistical inference concepts (Chapters 6-9)
HW #11
Exam 1-E Solution
Exam 2-E Solution
Exam 3-E Solution
HW #11 solution
MNov. 18ANOVAChapter 11 
WNov. 20ANOVAChapter 11 
FNov. 22Review and Exam Period 6(covers Chapter 6--10)HW #12
Ex. 11.31 data
Exam 2-F Solution
Exam 3-F Solution
HW #12 solution
MNov. 25ANOVAChapter 11 
WNov. 27Review and Exam Period 7(covers Chapter 6--11)  Exam 2-G Solution
Exam 3-G Solution
Exam 4-G Solution
FNov. 29Thanksgiving Break  
MDec. 2RegressionChapter 12 
WDec. 4RegressionChapter 12 
FDec. 6Review and Exam Period 8(covers Chapter 6--11)HW #13
Sample R code
Exam 2-H Solution
Exam 3-H Solution
Exam 4-H Solution
HW #13 Solution
MDec. 9RegressionChapter 12 
WDec. 11RegressionChapter 12 
FDec. 13Review and Exam Period 9(covers Chapter 6--12)  Exam 2-I
Exam 3-I
Exam 4-I
MDec. 16Final Exam Period(covers Chapter 2--12) 

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