Grace Wahba Picture Gallery
Grace Wahba and the Thursday Group visit Rob Nowak and Barry VanVeen and their students, September 28, 2005.

Grace Wahba's students(W)
Yi Lin's student(L)
Rob Nowak's students(N)
Barry VanVeen's students(V)

Back Row
Barry VanVeen, Waheed Bajwa(N&V), Andrew Bolstad(N&V), John Carew(W), Fan Lu(W), Hyonho Chun(W), Grace Wahba, Rob Nowak

Front Row
Aarti Singh(N), Yongho Jeon(L), Weiliang Shi(W), Mike Rabbat(N), Rui Castro(N)

Missing: Pam Limpiti(V), the photographer, who managed with only a cell phone camera here - mostly, the crew is better-looking than what is captured by a cell phone! Dont know why I look like I had a headache.