1. Five Stances of Data Science
  2. Data Science (DS) is a performance of these stances
  3. “Five stances” and “DS is a performance” could have been said about “applied statistics” 100 years ago. Is “DS” just marketing? No. The “rebranding” has aligned (in time) with a massive change in the way that we perform applied statistics. To me, Data Science is data analysis in the age of the internet. Due to the internet, we can now rapidly share both data and software. This enables a rich web of dependencies in both, from which data science is emergent. The broad contours of data science can be understood through these dependencies.
  4. Outcome envisioning. You should think of a course in data science as a resource that, if used effectively, will help you create your own digital portfolio.
  5. Yeah, I made a diagram of the performance.