An R Primer for Introductory Statistics

This web page will contain a list of short guides for using R to support the learning of statistics in an introductory course. I will add additional topics as the semester progresses.

R is free statistical software. It is an open source implementation of the S language. The Comprehensive R Archive Network web page at is the authoritative source of information about R. Its U.S. mirror is at . Search one of these sites for additional documentation about R.

R Guides

  1. Introduction [PDF]
  2. Installation [PDF]
  3. Some Basics [PDF]
  4. Entering Data [PDF]
  5. Exploratory Data Analysis [PDF]
  6. Probability Distributions[PDF]

R Statistics 333 Examples

T tests Exercise 1.12 ex0112.csv
ANOVA Case Study 5.1 case0501.csv
Simple Linear Regression Case Study 7.1 case0701.csv

R Functions

  1. Dotplots dotplot.R
  2. Graphing Probability Distributions prob.R

Last modified: September 16, 2004

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