Schedule for Stat 992 (Spring 2010):

Jan 22. Jun Shao: An introduction to variable selection

Feb 5. Qi Tang: LASSO and Bayesian model selection

Feb 12. Jie Zhang: On model selection consistency of Lasso

Feb 19. Jee Young Moon: High dimensional graphs and variable selection with the Lasso

Feb 26. Quefeng Li: The sparsity and bias of the Lasso selection in high-dimensional linear regression
Feb 26. Bin Dai: High-dimensional generalized linear models and the Lasso

March 5. Jack Peng: Sure independence screening
March 5. Yang Zhao: Nonconcave penalized likelihood

March 12. Jiale Xu: Nonconcave penalized likelihood
March 12. Dongjun Chung: Adaptive LASSO

March 19. Quoc Tran: Variable selection and sparse recovery

April 9. Jiwei Zhao: Sure independence screening in generalized linear models
April 9. Xu He: Tuning parameter selection

April 16. Minjing Tao: Bridge estimators

April 23. Xinxin Yu: High-Dimensional Variable selection

April 30. Sheng Zhang: Bayesian variable selection

May 7. Zuofeng Shang: Bayesian variable selection