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IMS Grace Wahba Award and Lecture here

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Link to Conference on Nonparametric Statistics for Big Data here.
Link to Madison faculty with Machine Learning Interests here.
Link to interesting new book, Veridical Data Science, by Bin Yu and Rebecca L. Barter here.

IJ Schoenberg-Hilldale Professor of Statistics,
Professor of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics,
and Professor of Computer Sciences (by courtesy).
Department of Statistics
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Medical Science Center
1300 University Ave
Madison, WI 53706 USA
e-mail wahba "at" (replace "at" with the "at" symbol).
Coded email from people I dont know may not be read, plaintext please.

Wisconsin Senior Olympics 2013 medalist smiles summer winter photos David Callan
National Senior Games 2017 third place age-group winner 5K racewalk on the podium
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TALKS: Directory for talk abstracts, references and some overheads.
BOOK: "Spline Models for Observational Data" is in the SIAM e-books library. If you have a University of Wisconsin-Madison ID you can find it here
PhD STUDENTS: Grace Wahba's PhD students
PUBLICATIONS: PubList, SearchLinks to MathRev and Zentralblatt ..
THURSDAY GROUP: Mostly students, but occasionally faculty members/visitors discuss ongoing research.
As of September 2019 led by by Prof. Anru Zhang
Keywords for research: risk factor estimation; variational data assimilation; climate data analysis; demographic data analysis; ill-posed inverse problems; variational methods; adaptive tuning; smoothing spline ANOVA; bias-variance tradeoff; generalized cross-validation; reproducing kernel Hilbert space methods; supervised machine learning; radial basis functions; support vector machines; numerical methods for large data sets; dissimilarity information.
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