Grace Wahba Talk, European Center for Medium Range Numerical Weather Prediction

Grace Wahba talk, ECMWF, November 2, 1998

Title: Adaptive Tuning, Four Dimensional Variational Data Assimilation, and Representers in Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces

Talk by Grace Wahba at the European Center for Medium Range Weather Prediction (ECMWF) in the Workkshop on the Diagnosis of Data Assimilation Systems, Reading, England, November 2-4, 1998.

Summary: We (abstractly) generalize the `toy' weak 4D-VAR model in Gong, Wahba, Johnson and Tribbia, Monthly Weather Review, January 1998 to include adaptive tuning of a variety of parameters throughout the 4D-VAR variational problem, and note issues of sensitivity and identifiability. We discuss `models' for model errors which include systematic, short memory and long memory errors. Finally we remark on the role of the theory of representers in reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces in the weak 4D-VAR setting.

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