Grace Wahba's Talk at FSU

Grace Wahba's Talk at FSU

Covariance Modeling for Atmospheric and Oceanic Data Assimilation

The overhead slides for the talk are here. Missing Figure 3 from Wahba (1982b) here. Missing Figure 1 from Weaver and Courtier (2001) here. Web copies of the references Wahba(1981) Wahba (1982b), Gong, Wahba, Johnson and Tribbia (1998), and Wahba (1999) may be found online via Grace Wahba's links, below. [Pre 1993 are behind the `Golden Oldie' link]

Grace Wahba and students' reports available on the web here.

Grace Wahba's list of publications here.

Grace Wahba's home page here.

Statistical Approaches to the Ocean Circulation Inverse Problem, November 13-14, 2001, Florida State University Meeting home page here.