NIPS 98 Full Oral Presentation

NIPS 98 Oral Presentation

Title: The Bias-Variance Tradeoff and the Randomized GACV

Oral presentation by Grace Wahba at NIPS*98, December, 1998, Denver CO. Coauthors Xiwu Lin, Fangyu Gao, Dong Xiang, Ronald Klein MD and Barbara Klein MD. Not much snow. I also spoke at the Large Margin Classifier Workshop and the Turnkey Algorithms Workshop.

The Long Abstract submitted to NIPS*98 is here.

Grace Wahba, Students and Colleagues recent Technical Reports here.

Acceptance letter from NIPS*98 Program Chair, Sara Solla here.

Grace Wahba's publications here.

NIPS*98 Large Margin Classifiers Workshop here. A TR related to my Large Margin Workshop talk is here. See also TR 984rr behind the link to Technical Reports, above. Here are a few old and new references involving convergence rates (mostly) in reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces. Other old papers on convergence rates found via 'publications' above.

NIPS*98 Turnkey Algorithms Workshop here

NIPS*98 Conference Home Page here

NIPS*98 Final Program here.