Grace Wahba talk at IEEE NNSP99, Madison WI

Generalized Approximate Cross Validation for Support Vector Machines, or, Another Way to Look at Margin-Like Quantities

Keynote Talk by Grace Wahba at the 1999 IEEE International Workshop on Neural Networks for Signal Processing Symposium . Madison, WI 23-25 August, 1999 (NNSP.99)

The talk is based mainly on a paper of the same title by Wahba, G., Lin, Yi, and Zhang, Hao, " Generalized Approximate Cross Validation ... " TR 1006, April, 1999, but probably I will make some remarks about the ubiquitous role of reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces in the general function estimation context. Abstract of my talk is linked through the Advance Program page of NNSP.99 here.

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