Grace Wahba's Talk at Oberwolfach September, 2003

Grace Wahba's Talk at Mathematisches Forschungsinstitute Oberwolfach (MFO) August 31-September 5, 2003 workshop on "Resampling Methods for Checking Models and Statistical Hypotheses"

Title: The Multicategory Support Vector Machine and the Polychotomous Penalized Likelihood Estimate.

The talk will use the overheads as the third 2003 Wald lecture at the Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM). Here's how to find them: Go back to my home page and follow the TALKS link to JSM (under 2003) and then wald3. (homepage here)
The home page for MFO is here.

You can see a picture of the participants by going to the MFO home page, going to the "Annual Schedules" link under the Workshop Programme, clicking on 2003 and scrolling down to August 31.

LaTeX file of the abstract is here.

Grace Wahba and students' reports available on the web (homepage here) and click on TRLIST

Grace Wahba's list of publications here.