Grace Wahba's Talk at Oberwolfach November, 2004

Grace Wahba's Talk at Mathematisches Forschungsinstitute Oberwolfach (MFO) November 14-20, 2004 workshop on "New Inference Concepts for Analysing Complex Complex Data"

Title: The Multicategory Support Vector Machine Application to the Classification of Simulated and Real MODIS Data into Clear, Ice Cloud and Water Cloud Categories.

The talk is based primarily on Lee, Lin and Wahba and Lee, Wahba and Ackerman. Before computing, please see the corrections to bizarre copy editor's mistakes here.
The home page for MFO is here.

A few comments are here.

Cost functions for some large margin classifiers here. Plot courtesy Yi Lin.

You can see a picture of the participants with the Black Forest in the background here.

Grace Wahba and students' reports available on the web (homepage here) and click on TRLIST

Grace Wahba's list of publications here.