Grace Wahba's Talk at SAMSI Research Triangle Park, NC April 1, 2003

Grace Wahba's Talk at SAMSI, Research Triangle Park, NC, April 1, 2003.

Statistical Model Building and Classification as Optimization Problems in RKHS-Penalized Likelihood and Support Vector Machines-Two and Several Categories

The talk examines the Multicategory Support Vector Machine for classification and discusses its relation with penalized likelihood estimation given polychotomous data. The overheads for this talk are here(ps) (pdf). For related papers see TRLIST A few pages on the tuning of (two class, standard) SVM's by the GACV has been extracted from TR1006 here. Multichotomous Penalized Likelihood estimates are proposed in: Xiwu Lin, TR 1003 (1998) (also thesis). Overheads for a Shortcourse on Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces are here.
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A few (classic) references on smoothing parameter selection for the gaussian white noise regression case: here .

Grace Wahba and students' reports available on the web here.

Grace Wahba and students' reports available on the web here. Some `golden oldies' scanned for the web, including Kimeldorf and Wahba (1971) (the representer theorem) here.

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