Grace Wahba's talk at "Stanford 50: State of the Art and Future Directions of Computational Mathematics and Numerical Computing", March 29-31, 2007.

Stanford 50: Celebrating the 75th birthday of Professor Gene Golub

Talk: A Statistician's debt to numerical analysts. (ps) (pdf).

After metioning joint work with Gene Golub and Michael Heath, we move to Shi, Wahba, Wright, Klein and Klein, LASSO-Patternsearch Algorithm with Application to Ophthalmalogy Data. here .

Also noted will be:
Lu, Keles, Wright and Wahba, A Framework for Kernel Regularization and Protein Clustering, PNAS, 102 (35)P 12332, open access article here.
Lu, Lin and Wahba, Robust Manifold Unfolding with Kernel Regularization, TR1108, Statistics Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison, October, 2005. Available here. where other preprints since 1993 are also available.

Some `golden oldies' scanned for the web here.

Grace Wahba's list of publications here.

Grace Wahba's home page here.