Statistical Methods for Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci
Zhao-Bang Zeng and Brian S. Yandell

QTL Analysis Handouts (local access only)

  1. Introduction
  2. QTL Mapping Data
  3. Linkage Map Analysis
  4. Quantitative Genetic Models [87k]
  5. Single Marker Analysis [78k]
  6. Interval Mapping (IM) [128k]
  7. Composite Interval Mapping (CIM) [113k]
  8. Multiple Interval Mapping (MIM) [122k]
  9. A General View and Directions for Extension
  10. Dominant and Missing Marker Analysis
  11. Multiple Trait Analysis [121k]

Microarray Data Analysis Handouts (local access only)

  1. Overview [19k]
  2. Biology Implications of Gene Expression Arrays
  3. Microarray Image Analysis (Yang Speed; Wong)
  4. Comparing Two Conditions (Chen et al; Dudoit et al.; Newton et al)
  5. Experimental Design for Microarrays (Kerr Churchill)
  6. Principle Components and Microarray Experiments (Alter et al.; West et al.)
  7. Clustering & Classification for Microarrays (Eisen et al; Dudoit et al; Tamayo et al.; Golub et al.)
  8. Microarrays in F2 and BC Experiments
  9. Microarrays and Congenic Lines by Brian Yandell (