Condor SOAR Notes

The notes below are based on conversations with Bill Taylor. They are aimed to explicitly lay out how we use SOAR on for projects.

How to Use SOAR Drop Boxes

How to Manage Stat's SOAR Server

New Generic & qtlhot Notes

Login to and go to /home2/bt.

rundata: Look at stage_qtlhot, qtlhotGENERIC and qtlhot. The stage_qtlhot directory has to run the spawned qtlhot children. The qtlhotGENERIC/NEWDATA says to look in /home2/bt/rundata for project qtlhot. In qtlhot, find dataset_blah.

SOAR/sources: Folder qtlhot/v1 has code and jobs directories. The perl scripts in jobs were curated by bt to set up phase1,phase2,phase3. The spawns nruns (read from params.txt file) of dataset_blah-n, n=1:nruns, one for each phase2 run. The phase2 runs each spawn n.split (read from groups.txt file created in phase1, initially read from params.txt in phase1) sub-jobs. Also look at make_job_{dag_text,submits}.pl for the flow of the template.

In order to set up a generic 3-phase run for Aimee, I think I can copy qtlhot and make a few simple mods. If nruns is set to 1, then we can use most of the code. Then different R libraries and code could be dropped in dataset_job files in the qtlruns project. An idea.

Brian Yandell
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