The Mike Cammilleri Organ Trio

Went out tonight with a friend to see the Mike Cammilleri Organ Trio perform live at Cafe Coda. I’ve been meaning to see Mike play for a while now, and what a performance it was! I didn’t capture his best solo, but here’s a nice clip from near the end of the first set.

Sadly we had to leave early due to other plans, but I’ll definitely be back for more!


New website!

I finally got around to experimenting with Jekyll. This theme is largely based on Hyde, with the archive code motivated by Solar and sidebar code borrowed from minimal-mistakes. The blog section was difficult to configure correctly, but careful placement of the /blog/index.html file and setting paginate_path: "/blog/page:num/" in the config finally did the trick.

This template also has the additional benefit of being mobile responsive. And of course, being built on Jekyll, it should be much easier to maintain than the old nightmare of a site, which I painstakingly edited by hand based off of templates ripped from Wordpress and which had zero mobile responsiveness.

I’d love to keep iterating on this, but unfortunately other duties call. If you’re reading this right now, please do check back soon, as more and more of it will be updated