Professor Cécile Ané

Cecile Ane

PhD 2000, Probability, University of Toulouse, France

Professor in the Departments of Statistics and of Botany, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

H. I. Romnes Faculty Fellow

Member of the statistical consulting group,
of the Institute for Foundations of Data Science,
of the quantitative biology initiative QBI,
Genomic Sciences training program GSTP and
Wisconsin Evolution.

I want a research group where each individual is valued and supported, so that each member can reach their full potential. I absolutely stand by the diversity statements of both of my departments, Botany and Statistics.

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Exciting news: I am co-organizing a fall 2024 semester program on Theory, Methods, and Applications of Quantitative Phylogenetics at ICERM (Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics). I plan to be there most of the semester.