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earlier version on bioRxiv (2023).


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For this work, Lauren received the 2023 Margaret Menzel Award by the Genetics Section of the Botanical Society of America.

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data and code available on github.

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This github gist has Julia code from this paper to calculate the D statistic (including locus bootstrapping).


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Data and code available on the Open Science Framework.
Featured in Science News.

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SM on dryad: including tutorial code to calibrate phylogenetic networks and to conduct comparative analyses.
Part of the special issue on phylogenetic reticulation.
Accepted version on bioRχiv.
Julia package PhyloNetworks on GitHub, with documentation on continuous trait evolution.

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R package PhylogeneticEM on CRAN and on GitHub.


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Software iBPP on GitHub, scripts available on Dryad, and lizard data available on Dryad as well.
Featured in the Molecular Ecologist blog here and here.


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received the Publisher's award for Excellence in Systematic Research.
R package: phylolm is on CRAN.

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