I am a Professor of Statistics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, with courtesy appointments in The School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Educational Psychology. I am an AE at JASA and part of a broad and inclusive community of machine learning researchers at UW Madison. ML @ Madison!

I create tools and theory to analyze large social graphs. My research focuses on ways of sampling and factoring data. I like things that work and I want to understand why. You can find a list of my lab’s publications linked above, and other lists on arXiv or on Google Scholar. We put our code on github. My CV is here.

If we cross paths soon, let’s talk about graphs or twitter or #blacklivesmatter or eigenvectors or reproducibility or public opinion or the murmuration or psychotherapy or raspberry pis or bitcoin or your data.

Thank you to the National Science Foundation and the Army Research Office for their continued support. DMS-1309998, DMS-1612456, DMS-1916378, W911NF-15-1-0423, W911NF-20-1-0051.

If you are on Twitter, come find me! Follow @karlrohe