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Every few months I get queries from other Yandells around the country about whether we are related. This page will have some family resource information in the near future. Please note that I follow conventions of not including any information about living relatives to protect their privacy. I may add more material about my own genealogy details in the near future. However, I do not have much time for this.

The most complete information is in the book by Yarbrough (1982). However, it has numerous errors (acknowledged by the author -- her notes may now be with the Filson Club).

In her introduction, Nan states that she could not definitively trace the Yandell name back to any one place in Europe. She posits that the\earliest YANDELL in the US was a Thomas Yandle (or Yonall), living in Maryland and Virginia probably from ca. 1620 to ca. 1670, with confirmed records in 1651-1653. There is no record of the presumed next generation. The third generation, Henry YEANDALL, is inferred from indirect evidence. He allegedly had four sons, all with surname YANDEL or YANDELL:

  1. Andrew YANDELL, b. ca. 1738, 6 children.
  2. James YANDELL, b. ca 1740, 8 children.
  3. William YANDELL, b. 1 May 1742, 10 children.
  4. Samuel YANDELL, b. before 1755, 7 children.
Three of these brothers are listed in the 1790 census of Mecklenburg County, NC. These four brothers are the roots of Nan's book.

I am a descendent of William Yandell. His son Wilson Yandell was a famous surgeon in Murfreesboro, TN, in the early 1800s. My grandfather George Wilson Yandell, listed in Nan's book on p. 331, was his great, great grandson. If you would like more information, please feel free to email me. For more information on geneaology, see genealogy links.

Velma Nancyann ("Nan") Yarbrough (1982)
The Early Yandells of North Carolina And Some Of Their Descendants: 1737-1982
Gateway Press, Inc.
111 Water St.
Baltimore, MD 21202

Nan sent a notice on 4 Oct. 1991 that on 1 Jan. 1992 the price would be $50. The remaining copies and her notes may now be with the Filson Club. I just learned (29 oct 2001) that Nan is alive and well at 85.
Nan's book is extremely well documented. However, it includes my grandfather, but fails to record his marriage or children! This and many other omissions were noted in letters between us in Jan.-Feb. 1986.

Paul C. Cartwright (1993?)
The Land Between Two Rivers: Madison County, Mississippi (publisher?)
Don Retzlaff Family History
Yandell Relatives

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Paul C. Cartwright, Assistant Director
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Yandell Family Archives
James J. Holmberg, Curator of Manuscripts
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The Yandell Family News
editor: Russell Robison
Mountain Pacific News Service, Inc.
250 Coolidge St
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$12/year. Lots of commercial gimmicks with no apparent family knowledge. Obvious computer fill-in of names with no real content. Some naive summaries from public records of births and deaths.

Yandell Family Heritage Center
1181 S. Parker Rd. #105
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Allegedly has coat of arms; memorabilia for sale $10-$60.

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