Brian S. Yandell

David R. Anderson Founding Director, American Family Insurance Data Science Institute
McArdle Building, 447 Lorch St #1009
Director, Biometry Program
Professor, Statistics & Horticulture
MSC, 1300 University Avenue #1120
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, Wisconsin 53706-1510 USA
Telephone: (608) 263-3304, Fax: (608) 262-0032
email: brian.yandell @

I study systems genetics to unravel the complex relationships between observable traits (such as flowering time or clinical signs of diabetes) and molecular signals (mRNA expression, protein and metabolite levels, etc.). This work includes model selection for gene mapping (QTL), expression hotspot analysis and causal phenotype models. My research interests have evolved into a broader perspective on data science. I now direct the campus-wide American Family Insurance Data Science Institute, with mission to perform cutting-edge research in the fundamentals of data science, translate innovative data science methodologies into practice, and engage broadly by collaborating on activities with the Data Science Hub and launching breakthroughs in all disciplines.

Data Science Hub (co-lead)
Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (Discovery Fellow)
Plant Breeding & Plant Genetics Program
Department of Biostatistics & Medical Informatics (Affiliate)
Institute of Environmental Studies (Associate)
Evolutionary Biology

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1974 BSc Mathematics, Caltech (Ruddock House & Gnome Club)
1974-5 Watson Fellow
1978 MA Statistics, U CA Berkeley
1981 PhD Biostatistics, U CA Berkeley (advisor Kjell A. Doksum)
Research Interests: biometry in general, gene mapping (QTL) and statistical genomics in particular.
Fun Activities: yoga, dancing, hiking, biking, folk music, genealogy.