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DESK TOP MUSIC is now available on the UW-Madison campus for use in designing desk top presentations. Over 200 selections of "musical clip art" produced by Capitol Production Music/developed by multimedia specialists at Creative Impressions of Indianapolis include classical, jazz, rock, contemporary and "digital age" music. Musical selections come in 2-3 minute long play versions, 59 second, 29 second and 10 second cuts. To use DTM, you need a Macintosh Computer with HyperCard, at least 6 megs of RAM and a CD-ROM player. To inquire: call Donna Ballard or Dr. Kurtycz at 262-1297 / State Lab of Hygiene. The buy-in price is $50 for UW professional staff and departments. Email address is:

Electronic Art and Visual Media

Science Fiction

Some SciFi on Virtual Reality & Related Topics

Bova, Ben
Death Dream
Chalker, Jack
Wonderland Gambit
Gibson, William
Neuromancer, Virtual Light
Harrison, Harry & Marvin Minsky
Turing Option
Hogan, James P
Multiplex Man
Noon, Jeff
Perry, Steve
Spindoc, Forever Drug
Rosenblum, Mary
Sterling, Bruce

Near Future & Other SciFi

Aldriss, Brian
Helliconia trilogy
Anthony, Piers
Orn series
Brin, David
Earth, Postman, Comet
Stith, John
Strugatskii brothers
Vinge, Joan
Psion, Catspaw

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