Brian S. Yandell's Students

I have advised, guided or otherwise aided many students at various points in their career. My summary of all current and former students details formal service in terms of ~ 100 committee degrees. My current and past statistics and biometry students are listed below with their present affiliations as well as I know them. See also The Mathematics Genealogy Project.

Plant Breeding & Plant Genetics PhD Students

Statistics PhD Students

    Completed Degrees
    UMI ProQuest Citations

  1. Fred Boehm, PhD 2019 joint with Karl Broman, BMI
    ``Testing Pleiotropy vs. Separate QTL in Multiparental Populations''. PhD Thesis.
    Research Fellow, U MI.
  2. Jee Young Moon, PhD 2012
    ``A causal gene network with genetic variations incorporating biological knowledge and latent variables''. PhD Thesis.
    Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology & Populations Health, Albert Einstein College of Medicine.
  3. Elias Chaibub Neto (echaibub at, PhD 2010
    ``Casual inference methods in statistical genetics''. PhD Thesis.
    Research Fellow, Sage Bionetworks
  4. Yang Song (ysong9 at, PhD 2005
    ``Twoway Latent Variable Clustering''. PhD Thesis.
    Biostatistician, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development, Raritan, NJ
  5. Chunfang "Amy" Jin (amy_jin at, PhD 2004 joint with Jason Fine, BMI
    ``Contributions to the Design and Analysis of Quantitative Trait Loci Experiments''. PhD Thesis.
    Marketing Specialist, McKinsey & Co., Asia Pacific Marketing Practice, Shanghai, PR China)
    Jin C, Fine J, Yandell B (2006) ``A unified semiparametric framework for QTL analyses, with application to spike phenotypes.'' J Amer Statist Assoc (in press)
    Jin C, Lan H, Attie AD, Bulutuglo D, Churchill GA, Yandell BS (2004) ``Selective phenotyping for increased efficiency in genetic mapping studies''. Genetics 168: 2285-2293.
  6. Fei Zou, Phd 2001
    ``Efficient and robust statistical methodologies for quantitative trait loci analysis''. PhD Thesis.
    Professor, U NC Chapel Hill Biostatistics & Carolina Center for Comprehensive Genetics
    Zou F, Yandell BS, Fine JP (2001) ``Statistical issues in the analysis of quantitative traits in combined crosses''. Genetics 158: 1339-1346.
    Zou F, Fine JP, Yandell BS (2002) ``On empirical likelihood for a semiparametric mixture model''. Biometrika 89: 61-75.
    Zou F, Yandell BS, Fine JP (2003) ``Rank-based statistical methodologies for QTL mapping.'' Genetics 165: 1599-1605.
  7. Patrick J Gaffney, PhD 2001
    ``An efficient reversible jump Markov chain Monte Carlo approach to detect multiple loci and their effects in inbred crosses''. PhD Thesis.
    Statistician, New York, NY
  8. Elaine Borghi (borghie at, PhD 1997
    ``Methods of inference for Strauss disc processes''. PhD Thesis
    Unit Head, Monitoring Nutrition Status and Food Safety Events, World Health Org, Geneva, SZ
    ``An approximation of the K-function for Strauss disc processes''. Technical Report 1018, March 2000, Statistics Department, UW-Madison.
    ``Methods for estimating the interaction parameter of Strauss disc processes''. Technical Report 1019, March 2000, Statistics Department, UW-Madison.
  9. Huageng "Tom" Tao (Tom.tao at, PhD 1997 joint with Mari Palta, Preventive Medicine
    ``Estimation methods for statistical models in longitudinal studies''. PhD Thesis.
    Statistician, Morgan Stanley, CT
    Tao H, Palta M, Yandell BS, Newton MA (1999) ``An estimation method for the semi-parametric mixed effects model''. Biometrics 55 191-202.
  10. Peihua Qiu, PhD 1996
    ``Nonparametric estimation of discontinuous regression functions''. PhD Thesis.
    Founding Chair and Dean's Professor, Biostatistics, U FL
    Qiu P, Yandell BS (1997) ``Jump detection in regression surfaces''. J of Computational & Graphical Statistics 6, 332-354.
    Qiu P, Yandell BS (1998) ``A local polynomial jump detection algorithm in nonparametric regression''. Technometrics 40, 141-152.
  11. Jaya M Satagopan, PhD 1995
    ``A Markov chain Monte Carlo approach to detect polygene loci for complex traits''. PhD Thesis.
    Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Department of Biostatistics & Epidemiology, Rutgers U
    Satagopan JM, Yandell BS, Newton MA, Osborn TC (1996) ``Markov chain Monte Carlo approach to detect polygene loci for complex traits,'' Genetics 144, 805-816.
    Satagopan JM, Yandell BS (1996) ``Estimating the number of quantitative trait loci via Bayesian model determination,'' Special Contributed Paper Session on Genetic Analysis of Quantitative Traits and Complex Diseases, Biometrics Section, Joint Statistical Meetings, Chicago, IL.
  12. Chenggao "Gregory" Feng (cfeng at, PhD 1993 with assistance from Greg Reinsel
    ``Approximate inference and tests about Ising models''. PhD Thesis.
    (Sr Analyst, Credit Policy, 1st Omni Bank, DE)
  13. Winson Taam (winson.taam at, PhD 1988
    ``A semi-parametric approach to spatially correlated data''. PhD Thesis.
    The Boeing Company, Seattle, WA
    Taam W, Yandell BS (1986) ``Small sample power of Moran's I statistics for AR and MA models,'' J of Statistical Computation & Simulation 26, 127-129.
    Taam W, Yandell BS (1989) ``The torus structure approximation for spatial autocovariances,'' Proceedings of the 21st Symposium on the Interface, March 1989, 579-585.

Biometry MS Students

    Completed Degrees
  1. Wen Huang, MS 2011 with Hasan Khatib, Dairy Science (Asst Prof, Animal Science, MI St U).
  2. Wei Zheng, MS 2006 with Mike Culbertson, Genetics (Postdoc, Snyder Lab, Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, Yale U)
  3. Andrew Bersch, MS 2004 with Don Waller, Botany (Statistician, Nat Wild Health Res Ctr, Madison, WI)
  4. Tran Triet, MS 1999 with Calvin DeWitt, Land Resources (Professor and Chair, Dept of Botany, Vietnam Nat U, Ho Chi Minh City, and Scientist, International Crane Foundation) U WI PhD candidate conducting research in Vietnam on wetland ecology)
  5. Susana Vasquez Garcia Parker, MS 1997 with Don Rusch, Wildlife Ecology
    ``Relationship between lesser snow geese and avian cholera epizootics'' (project with Michael Samuel, National Wildlife Health Research Center, Madison)
  6. Glen Sargeant, MS 1996 with Robert L. Ruff, Wildlife Ecology (Research Wildlife Biologist, Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center, ND, Biological Resources Division, USGS)
    Sargeant, Johnson and Berg (1998) ``Interpreting carnivore scent-station surveys,'' J Wildlife Management 62: 1235-1245.
    GA Sargeant, DH Johnson, WE Berg (2003) ``Sampling designs for carnivore scent-station surveys,'' J Wildlife Management 67: 289-298. (cover graphic)
  7. Michael B. Miller, MS 1992 with Loren Chapman, Psychology (Assistant Professor, U MN Psychology)
    Miller, Chapman, Chapman and Kwapil (1993) ``Slowness and the preceding preparatory interval effect in schizophrenia''. Journal of Abnormal Psychology 102, 145-151.
  8. Orlando Vzquez Yez, MS 1992 with Terrance Smith, Dairy Science (Dairy Scientist in Galicia, Spain)
    ``GRAZESIM: a decision support system for evaluating intensive rotational grazing systems for dairy farms''
  9. Kent A. Weigel, MS 1992 with Daniel Gianola, Dairy Science (Associate Professor, Dairy Science, U WI Madison)
    KA Weigel, D Gianola, BS Yandell and JF Keown (1993) ``Identification of factors causing heterogeneous within-herd variance components using a structural model of variances,'' J of Dairy Science 76 1466-1478.
  10. Penelope S. Reynolds, MS 1989 with Warren P. Porter, Zoology (Assistant Professor, Biology, U Richmond)
    ``Application of time-series and intervention analysis to body temperature data: implications for models of mammalian temperature regulation'' (1990 Anna M. Jackson Award, Amer. Soc. Mammalogists)
    Reynolds PS (1994) ``Time series analysis of beaver body temperatures,'' In Case Studies in Biometry (ed by N Lange, L Ryan, L Billard, D Brillinger, L Conquest, J Greenhouse). John Wiley & Sons, New York.
  11. Cunshan Wang, MS 1989 with Jackie J. Rutledge, Animal Science (Researcher, Pfizer, Inc.)
    C Wang, BS Yandell and JJ Rutledge (1991) ``Bias of maximum likelihood estimators of intraclass correlation,'' Theoretical & Applied Genetics 82 421-424.
    C Wang, BS Yandell and JJ Rutledge (1992) ``The dilemma of negative analysis of variance estimators of intraclass correlation and its variants,'' Theoretical & Applied Genetics 85 79-88.
  12. Amina Najar, MS 1986 with Theodore W. Tibbitts, Horticulture
    BS Yandell, A Najar, R Wheeler and TW Tibbitts (1988) ``Modelling the effects of light, carbon dioxide and temperature on the growth of potato,'' Crop Science 28, 811-818.

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