Draft Syllabus for Stat/BMI 877

Statistical Methods for Molecular Biology

This syllabus is aimed at statistics graduate students with interests in molecular biology

Teaching Approach

Course will have a fairly fixed syllabus (below) with lectures. Reading and 'smaller' assignments will be given for each segment. Larger term assignments will be collaborative projects in subject area of interest to student team, leading to a paper and presentation.


Ideally BMI/Stat 677 and Stat/BMI 877 will be taught in alternate years, probably during Spring semester. We anticipate teaching 877 in Spring 2008.


Course will be taught either by a team of instructors or by one of a rotating list of instructors, including but not limited to the following: Cecile Ane, Karl Broman, Jason Fine, Sunduz Keles, Christina Kendziorski, Bret Larget, Michael Newton, Brian Yandell. In the case of a team, one person would be lead instructor, officially responsible for the course. In Spring 2008, Christina Kendziorski will lead in teach Stat/BMI 877.

Course Goals

Give a concise review of relevant background biology and of statistical problems arising recently in gene mapping, high throughput -omic data analysis, phylogenetics and sequence analysis. Basic ideas of key methods will be developed with considerable attention to analysis of published data. Statistics students should gain sufficient background to start exploring their own research questions in the area. The objective is to experience fruitful cross-disciplinary work. Projects may be theoretical or methodological, designed to explore how to extend current methods to novel questions.

Course Outline

Below is an outline of topics that might be covered. They are organized into four biological areas plus statistical issues common across topics. Subtopics in [brackets] are advanced and may be optional.

Potential Course References

Brian Yandell
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