Software for Genomic Data Analysis

Many good software modules for statistical analysis of genomic data are offered as open source (free but copyright protected). The main platforms (e.g. application software) for these are R (free, open source) and MatLab (commercial). Both R and MatLab are available on UNIX/Linux, Windows (95/98/NT4/2000/ME on Intel-type machines), and MacOS (7.6 or later for MatLab, 8.6 or later for R). Below are some highlights. Follow links to find other modules and packages.

Many sites have software and data on the same page. Check our Genomic Data page.

Gene Expression Microarray Software

R System Software for Microarrray Data Analysis

Microarray analysis software has been developed under the R System, which is freely available for Linux, Windows and Mac OSX. See other software, data and related links at GEDA.
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