Statistics 998

Statistical Consulting

Fall 2013 Schedule

DateTopicHandoutsItems DueOther Useful Stuff
Sept. 3 Intro Material
Begin Mixed Model Example
Class Description
Guide to Data Analysis
Report Evaluation
Report Outline
Corn Yield Background
Corn Yield Data
Diagnostic Assignment
None None
Sept. 5 Mixed Models Diesel Problem Handout
Diesel Data
Graph of corn yield data ggplot() examples for corn data
Baayen, Davidson, Bates 2008 paper on mixed models
Bolker et al paper on mixed models
Sept. 10 Mixed model for corn example
Diesel assignment
Assignment and table for diesel reports Estimates of irrigation effects by variety with SEs from corn data
List of several questions for the engineer who provided the diesel data
A key graph of the diesel data.
Sept. 12 Discussion of diesel assignment reports Honeybee Assignment
Honeybee Data
First diagnostic assignment  
Sept. 17 Visit by Fabrizzio Sanchez Major Project 1 Background
Forest Data (Excel file)
Second diagnostic assignment  
Sept. 19 Discussion of honeybee study
Discussion of questions for the first client
  10 or more questions for first client
Third diagnostic assignment
Honeybee assignment
Sept. 24 First visit by Kristen Michels Example Calculations
Sept. 26 Discussion of diagnostic assignment      
Oct. 1 Second visit by Kristen Michels      
Oct. 3 Discussion of diagnostic assignment (continued)      
Oct. 8 Karl Broman visit   First major assignment.  
Oct. 10 Interferon Example Interferon data (Excel spreadsheet)
Interferon data (text)
Interferon assignment
Oct. 15 Interferon Presentations   Interferon assignment.  
Oct. 17 First visit by Lauren Riters/Melissa Cordes Major Project 2 background
Major Project 2 (Starlings) data (Excel spreadsheet)
Oct. 22 Derr Communication Examples
Biologist talks to Statistician
Statistician talks to Biologist
Oct. 24 Second visit from Lauren Riters/Melissa Cordes      
Oct. 29 Overview of first project analysis Communication Assignment.   Model Report
Oct. 31 Copepod group assignment Copepod data
Copepod assignment
Nov. 5 Practice consulting with Copepod salinity project   Second Major Project  
Nov. 7 Observe Nordheim in first consulting session   Copepod Group Assignment  
Nov. 12 Discussion of Copepod Salinity Project   Nordheim write-up  
Nov. 14 Masters Exam - NO CLASS      
Nov. 19 Discussion of second project Multiple comparisons assignment    
Nov. 21 Discussion about papers on multiple testing and hypothesis testing Curran-Everett Paper
Tukey Paper
Gelman et al. Paper
Multiple Comparisons assignment Ethics assignment
Nov. 26 Ethics Discussion / Honor in Science Book   Ethics assignment  
Nov. 28 Thanksgiving - NO CLASS      
Dec. 3 Dave Demets presentation      
Dec. 5 Kevin Buhr presentation      
Dec. 10 Oral presentation of final projects      
Dec. 12 Oral presentation of final projects      

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