Grace Wahba Picture Gallery

Grace Wahba's Picture Gallery

At the Wisconsin Masters Games, 2023
Grace and David at the Wisconsin Masters Games, 2023.

Former students visit, 2022
Xiawou Dai visits in August and Bin Dai visits in October.

Grace is awarded an honorary doctorate by The Ohio State University, May 8, 2022
Some pictures.

Anru Zhang meets Grace to say goodbye, May 24, 2021
Anru Zhang and Grace meet at Panera.

Thursday group moves to Wednesday, February 2021
Last meeting (zoom) for the fall semester. Pictures are from a zoom screensaver.

Monday group moves to Thursday, February 2020
Going strong in the second semester.

Monday group returns! September 2019
Welcome to returning and new students.

Graduation Ceremony May 10, 2019
Graduates and Escorts Resplendent in Academic Gear

Graduation Dinner March 2019
Graduation Dinner at the Imperial Gardens
Student Dance Party In Honor of Grace's Retirement February 2019
What a neat party!
Monday (Formerly Thursday) Group February 2019
Another new new semester!
Monday (Formerly Thursday) Group November 2018
Start of a new semester! Welcome visitors.
Recent grad Luwan Zhang visits Madison from Harvard Biostat
At Madison
Hao Henry Zhou meets Shilin Ding at Facebook, June 2018
At Facebook
Jianqin Fan Visits Madison, April 2018
Fan and Grace at Steenbocks
Thursday Group January 2018
Springing to life after winter break !
Thursday Group November 2017
Getting ready for winter break !
Xiaowu and Yuhua get married! 2017
A beautiful wedding on the shore of Green Lake, Wisconsin
Madison 2017
Scientific daughter Jing Kong visits Madison 2017
JSM 2017
Scientific grandchildren at JSM 2017
Graduation 2017
Luwan Zhang Graduates!
Somesh Jha Awarded the first Grace Wahba Chair in Computer Sciences March 2017. (The chair is funded by Gurinder Sohi et al patent income.)
Chancellor Becky Blank congratulates Somesh Jha
Thursday Group February 2017
Thursday group ready for a productive Spring 2017.
West Coast gang reports in.
Greetings from West Coast former students.
Thursday Group September 2016
Thursday group reconvenes for the Fall 2016 semester.
Sarang Joshi visits the Thursday Group September 2015
Sarang Joshi talks on Computational Anatomy: Simple Statistics on Interesting Spaces for Developing Imaging Biomarkers Analysis
Thursday Group September 2015
Thursday group reconvenes for the Fall 2015 semester.
Graduation Ceremony May 2015
Jing Kong and Tai Qin at the 2015 Graduation Ceremony
Graduation Dinner June 2015
Dinner at the Imperial Gardens
Thursday Group January 2015
Thursday group reconvenes for the Spring 2015 semester, welcomes new students.
Thursday Group September 2014
Back together after a busy summer
Pictures from JSM2014

Madisonians reunite on the West Coast
Grads and Summer Interns Meet in California
Pictures from the Conference on Nonparametric Statistics for Big Data  June 4-6, 2014
Pictures, larger. Colleagues Groups
Graduation Dinner June 2014
Dinner at the Imperial Gardens
Graduation Ceremony June 2014
Zhigeng Geng and Sijian Wang
Thursday Group January 2014
Ready to Roll
International Conference Ars Conjectandi 1713-2013, October 2013
Plenary Speakers and Organizers on Stage.
Hong Kong for the International Conference on Approximation Theory and Applications, May 2013
Scenes from Hong Kong and the Meeting
Visit to the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Tübingen, Germany April 2013
View from our hotel of the Neckar River, Tübingen
Indiana University Bloomington, March 2013
Colleagues Assembled for the Flury Lecture
Thursday Group assembles for the start of the 2011-2012 academic year
Full of Zip!
Graduation Dinner May 2012
Dinner at the Imperial Gardens
Graduation Ceremony, May 2012
Shilin Ding, Bin Dai, Haiyan Xu and Xinxin Yu at the Graduation Ceremony
Ming Yuan visits the Thursday Group, April 2012
Ming discusses prediction/variable selection with a helper
Chile March-April 2012 to visit Guido del Pino and attend the CLAPEM XII meeting
Small-Thursday Group assembles for the start of the 2011-2012 academic year
Ready to Work!

Göttingen, Germany, May 4-5, 2011 at the Georg-August Universität in the mathematically historic city of Göttingen
Grace and David visit the historic "Hilbert Space" a special room dedicated to Hilbert at the Georg-August Universität

Beijing Dec 15-22, 2010 in the event of the Fifth International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians
Beijing, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace and Tsinghua University
GW Morningside Bio (in Chinese).

Thursday Group assembles for the start of the 2010-2011 academic year
Welcome new people.

Statistics Department 50th Anniversary Celebration, June 3 and 4, 2010
Ronaldo Dias and Grace Wahba, then and now
Pictures from the Celebration
Xiwen Ma Graduates June 2010
Before the Graduation Ceremony
Graduation Dinner for Xiwen Ma
Grace Wahba's RAs ready to work! February 11, 2010
Bin Dai, Shilin Ding, Xiwen Ma and Zhigeng Geng, with GW
GW Receiving the inaugural "Outstanding Alumni" award from Cornell
David Ruppert, Grace Wahba and plaque
Grace Wahba's first student, Mark Yang, visits the Thursday group with Sharon Yang, October, 2009
Mark lectures on genetic data, students listen intently
Scenes from the Theory and Practice of Computational Learning Workshop, Chicago, June 1-11, 2009
Bin Dai, Shilin Ding, Grace Wahba, Yoonkyung Lee, David Callan, Steve Wright, Rob Nowak, Steve Smale, and Ding-Xuan Zhou caught on camera
Jyh-jen Shiau, Crystal and Lynn come to Madison for Crystal's graduation
Jyh-jen visits the department and sees Crystal graduate
Pei-Fen Kuan and Hyonho Chun Graduate June 2009
Graduation Dinner for Hyonho Chun and Pei-Fen Kuan
David and Grace visit Finbarr and Janet O'Sullivan in Cork, April 2009
Great to see Janet and Finbarr again!
Alan Chiang and Haoda Fu visit the Statistics Department and the Thursday Group, March 4 and 5, 2009
Great to see our Alums back!
Thursday group welcomes Sijian Wang
Sijian tells us about the Random LASSO
Yoonkyung Lee, Xuming He and Grace Wahba in Seoul, Korea for the 2008 Fall Conference of the Korean Statistical Society, October 30-November 1, 2008
Yoon, Xuming and Grace enjoy Seoul and the Meeting
Thursday Group ready for a new academic year September 2008
Looking serious!

Thursday Group, new people, continuing people and leaving people. July 31, 2008
We'll miss Hector, Weiliang and Ted, and welcome Bin, Shilin, Xin and Chungdon

Graduation 2008
Dinner at the Imperial Gardens for Hector Corrada Bravo and Weiliang Shi

Graduation Day

Gabor Szekely visits the Thursday group plus friends, Tuesday, February 19, 2008
Great talk, covering everything from Thales (600 BC) to the broader impact of broader impacts

David Page and Eric Lantz visit the Thursday Group, October 25, 2007
Very interesting data mining problems
Thursday Group September 2007
Thursday group gets ready for the new academic year
Fudan University Shanghai for the Third International Conference on Harmonic Analysis, June 17, 2007
In front of the Book Sculpture
University of Chicago June 2007-Grace Wahba receives the Honorary Doctor of Science degree
Pictures from the ceremony

"The Academics"

Thursday Group January 2007
Thursday group kicking off the spring semester
At the Banff International Research Station, January 16, 2007
Afternoon off at the "Mathematical Programming in Machine Learning and Data Mining" conference
John Carew graduates, December 6, 2006
At the Kohl Center on a blustery winter day

Sushi, sashimi, noodles and beer at Edo
Doug Nychka visits the Thursday Group, September 28, 2006
A new method for robust nonparametric regression
Steve Wright visits the Thursday Group September 7, 2006, along with visitors from ECE
A bracing talk on optimization
Thursday Group 2006
Thursday group kicks off a new academic year

Graduation 2006
Fan Lu and Meng Chen graduate, escorted by their advisors Grace Wahba and Christina Kendziorski

Graduation Dinner for Fan Lu

Steve Goldstein visits the Thursday Group, December 17, 2005
Deepayan Sardar, John Carew, Yongho Jeon, Steve Goldstein, Fan Lu, Grace Wahba, Jingci Meng, Hyonho Chun, Weiliang Shi
Dinner at the Sa-bai Thong, December 15, 2005
Weiliang Shi, John Carew, Grace Wahba, Fan Lu, MIng Chen, David Callan, Sang-Hoon Cho, Hyonho Chun, Yongho Jeon, Jingci Meng
Jerry Zhu visits the Thursday Group, October 21, 2005
John Carew, Yongho Jeon, Weiliang Shi, Jerry Zhu, Grace Wahba, Hyonho Chun, Fan Lu
Ramani Pilla visits the Thursday Group, October 7, 2005
Weiliang Shi, John Carew, Grace Wahba, Ramani Pilla, Yongho Jeon, Hyonho Chun
The Thursday Group visits Rob Nowak, Barry VanVeen and their students, September 28, 2005
Rob Nowak, Barry VanVeen, Grace Wahba and students
At the Noether Awards Ceremony at JSM 2005, Manny Parzen, Gerda Claeskens honored
G. Wahba, Manny Parzen, Gerda Claeskens and Marvin Zelen

Graduation Dinner for Xianhong Xie, August 2005
Great Food at the China Palace

Stephen Boyd visits the Thursday Group, escorted by Steve Wright, October 2004
Here's the crowd, a cheery bunch

Thursday Group September 2004
First pictures in our new digs at 1300 University Ave

Graduation 2004
Before the Graduation Dinner at the Imperial Gardens
David Callan and Grace Wahba at the Graduation Dinner
Jiaqin Chen, Ming Yuan, Chenlei Leng and Hui Yu at CS-Stat.
Last graduation from 1210 W. Dayton St. before moving to University Avenue
Chenlei Leng, Grace Wahba, Yi Lin and Ming Yuan at the Kohl Center

Jianqing Fan visits Madison, Dinner at the SabaiThong, February 25, 2004
Jianqing Fan and Grace Wahba
Michael Jordan visits Madison, February 19, 2004
Michael Jordan and the Thursday Group
Rob Nowak and Students Visit the Thursday Group, October 10, 2003
here's everyone
Surprise dinner at JSM, August 2003
Some pictures from the Dinner

Thursday Group September 2002
Students and Faculty of The Thursday Group, looking serious..

Graduation 2002
In order of appearance, left to right:
Yoonkyung Lee, Grace Wahba, Hao Helen Zhang at CS-Stat.
Hao Helen Zhang, Yoonkyung Lee, Grace Wahba, Yi Lin at CS-Stat.
Pre Graduation Dinner at the Imperial Gardens
Yi Lin, Grace Wahba, Hao Helen Zhang, Yoonkyung Lee at the Kohl Center

Thursday Group May 2002
Students of the Thursday Group-`The Lineup'
Thursday Group, all thinking...
The women of the Thursday Group
The men of the Thursday Group

The NAS-Cake 2000: Carolyn DeL. it was yummy

Manny Parzen's 60th Birthday Party, 1989.
Don Ylvisaker, Grace Wahba, Joe Newton, Marcello Pagano, Randy Eubank, Manny Parzen, Will Alexander, Marvin Zelen, Scott Grimshaw