Grace Wahba's Talks at SYSID, Rotterdam

Grace Wahba's Talks at SYSID2003, Rotterdam August, 2003.

Talk 1: An introduction to reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces and why they are so useful. Talk 2: An introduction to smoothing spline ANOVA models in RKHS, with examples in geographical data, medicine, atmospheric sciences and machine learning.

These are review talks. Long abstracts for these talks are are here(ps)
Overheads for talk 1 are here: (ps) (pdf). for talk 2 are here: (ps). . (pdf). Talk two elaborates on the (nonstandard) Multicategory Support Vector Machine.
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A page including details on invited sessions on RKHS is here .

A random photo at the SYSID meeting is here .

Overheads for a Shortcourse on Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces are here.
Grace Wahba and students' reports available on the web here. Some `golden oldies' scanned for the web, including Kimeldorf and Wahba (1971) (the representer theorem) here.

Grace Wahba's list of publications here.

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