Statistics 302

Accelerated Introduction to Statistical Methods

Professor Bret Larget is teaching Statistics 302 in the Spring 2014 semester.
The Teaching Assistant is Katherine Goode.

Bayesian Inference Course Notes are here .

Midterm exams on April 14 and May 2 will be in Social Science 5208.

Information about the project is here .

MidtermDocumentationDataPractice Exam QuestionsSolutions
Midterm 1, February 28 Data sets for first midterm exam MadisonElementary practice questions solutions
Midterm 2, April 14 Video game data and NutritionStudy data from textbook. Video Games   solutions
Midterm 3, May 2 SleepStudy data from textbook.   review materials solutions

Course Syllabus Tentative Course Schedule StatKey

Data Sets


R Documents

Authors' R Users Guide
Chapter 2: A guide to R for ggplot2 (and other functions)
Chapter 3: A guide to R for bootstrap confidence intervals
Chapter 11: A guide to R for some probability
R Regression Examples

Homework Assignments

Date PostedDate DueAssignmentSolutionsOther Files
Jan 20Jan 21Precourse Assignment
Jan 22Jan 31Assignment 1 solution AllCountries.csv
Jan 29Feb 7Assignment 2 solution  
Feb 7Feb 14Assignment 3 solution sample-dist.R
Feb 14Feb 21Assignment 4 solution ex3.109.R
Feb 17Feb 26Assignment 5 solution ex4.127.R
Mar 3Mar 14Assignment 6 solution heart-rate.R
Mar 14Mar 28Assignment 7 solution  
Mar 24Apr 4Assignment 8 solution logl.R
Apr 4Apr 11Assignment 9 solution (revised) Video Games Activity
Apr 17Apr 25Assignment 10 solution  
Apr 24Apr 30Assignment 11 solution  

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